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It was a lucky guess...

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Joshua Beaumont

One of the delights about publishing any work is hearing from readers. For a piece likeYes, Miss Thompson, some of the readers are long-lost cousins.

I was thrilled to hear from a third cousin in Manitoba who had some Beaumont/Thompson family pictures. In her collection, there was a comic picture of Marjory's uncle, Joshua (Joss) Beaumont. He wears a costume of some kind--perhaps he's dressed as a character from Peter Pan or a pirate, or something else lost to time. Whatever his theatrical bent, he shows a sense of humour.

In Yes, Miss Thompson, I imagined Joshua Beaumont as a jovial uncle, a foil against the more serious mill-owner, Uncle John Beaumont. I knew very little about him other than census records and a few simple references in newspapers from 1890s Yorkshire. Creating a comic character was a lucky guess, but I think I got it right.

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